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When buyer send an inquiry and asks for a marketing sample, we try our best to develop a counter sample according to buyer’s expectation. We make the sample from the materials, receive from our supplier according to the buyer specification and send them to the buyer within shortest possible time.


After preparing marketing sample, our merchandising department merchandise and make approximate price for buyer evaluation and send to the buyer together with marketing sample. When buyer confirm price, style, then we proceed for PP sample. If any comments of our sample come ,  then we rectify the mistake accordingly.

Production planning

After confirmation of order and letter of credit, we instruct supplier for manufacturing the fabrics, other accessories, the trimming materials etc. Then we start production planning as per delivery plan of the buyer. We maintain a standard format of TNA plan which we update continuously and follow up time to time so that the production and delivery plan matches accordingly


Before ready the bulk fabrics, supplier send the swatch/hanger of the ordered fabric to our merchandising department. They inspect the swatch/hanger to check and match with the buyer’s requirement. If the materials are found in good match with the requirement, then they allow that for bulk production. 

At the same time our quality control team checks other raw materials. After receiving all trims/accessories, our QC team goes for inventory inspection. If any discrepancies are found, immediately we inform to the supplier for replacing them urgently and also inform to the buyer accordingly.

Size & cutting

ØWe always control priority basis of the cutting and monitor the full cutting until the whole lot fabrics cutting is completed. After finished the cutting, we put it on the paper and make a table of statement, and check whether all are done according to the buyer’s ratio and assortment. If anything wrong, immediately we take necessary action.


During the manufacturing process, our quality inspector checked the process point-to-point basis, and rectify them on the basis of their needs. They monitor the sewing process intensely and provide necessary instructions to the operators

Quality controlled

ØAfter finishing the production, goods go to the inspection table and the QC team inspects and check the products carefully to find any rejection, open stitch, not accurate trimming etc. After that they check every pieces that are going to the packing section. One standby QC inspects the overall packing process. The QC monitors the packing, assortment, quantity etc. very meticulously. And after finishing all carton packing, they check the shipping mark and send the ready carton for final inspection. The final inspection is done some times by our QA manager, sometimes by the buyer’s nominated third party. 

Packing & inspection

After final inspection, when goods are allowed for shipment, our shipping department taking care of the cargo handling until it arrives to the dispatching port

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